Favorites List–February 2012

What did people do before Google?  I am very sure I could not survive without its magical ability to conjure up answers to my searches for new material to read, things I want to buy but hardly ever need, and answers to nearly every question I type in (save for “what should I do with my life?”  It’s not God, folks).
In any case, here is a list of what I’ve been reading and coveting this month.  Now you can read and covet, too–luck you.
I love Donald Hall .  Love, love, love his poetry and anything he’s written, really.  And I love his wife, Jane Kenyon.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t drive to his town in NH one time.  Don’t worry, I stopped short of actually finding his house.  That would be weird and stalker-ish.  I do have SOME boundaries. 
Really, really wanting to buy this couch cover for my living room makeover.  Also need to convince my mother to give me one of her couches that she’s had for 20 years but no one sits on.  I think I can give it a new life!  My mother doesn’t agree. ;-)
Craving this buttermilk chicken.  Sent Torrey to procure chicken drumsticks today, YUM.
Big fan of this essay on parenting.  Thank you, thank you, for this dose of reality.
Currently reading this book.  And my love affair with Julia continues. 
Dying to try this flour combination from the Littleton Grist Mill, which is driveable from my parents’ vacation home in New Hampshire, but you can order it online, too.  Have heard it’s a good alternative to all-purpose.
How adorable is this?  Thinking about buying it for Liam’s room (just don’t snatch it up before I do :-)  
Listening to this CD over and over and becoming more and more fascinated with Carole King.