Got the Sunday Night Blues? We Have the Cure!

Sunday nights used to be my least favorite time of the week. Nobody wants the weekend to come to an end, and I had definitely been wasting a perfectly good night off wallowing in the fact that I had to return to work and real life on Monday morning…that is, until Kate and I inadvertently came up with a solution!  It all started one sweltering night about 2 month ago, when I was desperate for some white sangria (something you should know about me- when I get an idea in my head I won’t be satisfied with any substitutions.  Everyone in The Compound can attest to this).  I had ALMOST all the ingredients, with the exception of triple sec.  I called Kate in a lack-of-refreshing-drink-panic, and offered to trade her.  If she magically made some triple sec appear on my doorstep, I’d pay her back with some sangria later.

And so our Sunday night cocktail exchange began.  Of course, neither of us are ever totally prepared for whatever drink is decided on, and a lot of bartering happens as a result…ahh, the joys of The Compound.  The next week, I made Smitten Kitchen’s blackberry gin fizz with a pint of juicy farmer’s market blackberries that I had on hand.  Kate took a turn the following week with a watermelon vodka cooler that perfectly accompanied my homemade salsa.A few weeks ago, Janine gave us an adorable present for our cocktail exchange.  She bought mason jars, and ordered lids with flower cutouts on Etsy (similar to these), complete with straws.  Super thoughtful, especially considering she can’t participate in our drink exchange for a little while longer, until her new baby arrives.  Of course, it was my turn to make a drink, and when I opened the fridge I only found a few lone white peaches, and no alcohol.  After extensive googling (ok, well, minimal googling), I discovered a delicious bellini recipe that, with a little tweaking, would be light and refreshing for a hot August night.  My husband was nice enough to go out and pick up a bottle of prosecco, and drink-making ensued:

Orangey Peach Bellinis
adapted from Ina Garten

4 peaches, peeled, pitted and chopped
1 teaspoon of sugar
Juice of 2 lemons (you can dial this back to 1, but I really love the lemon flavor with the peaches)
1 bottle of your favorite prosecco (I use Cupcake brand, it’s fruity but not overly sweet)
Orange juice to taste


Preferably, the peaches should be ripe, but mine were on the firm side and still pureed nicely with the addition of the extra lemon juice.

Puree the peaches, sugar and lemon juice in a blender or food processor.  Strain in a mesh colander or through cheesecloth to separate the solids.  Divide the strained puree between 4 large glasses.  Fill the rest of the way with prosecco, top with generous splash of orange juice (and ice if wine wasn’t previously chilled).  Stir thoroughly and enjoy!


p.s. the original recipe called for fewer peaches and claimed to make 6-8 drinks, but I prefer peachier, larger drinks ;-)

These drinks were delicious (even the skeptical husbands enjoyed them), and would be great to serve at brunch as an interesting twist on mimosas.